Tips From Semalt On How To Block Texts, Unwanted Emails, And Phone Calls

Max Bell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, states that bogus texts, unwanted emails, and annoying marketing calls can quickly ruin your evening. Last year, the Information Commissioner filed more than 114,000 unsolicited texts and annoying calls. The number is however expected to run into millions due to the rise of spammers on the Internet. Experience of deleting bogus text messages and junk emails from your account is not only time consuming but also costly.

How to block unwanted texts

Have you been receiving bombarding texts from spammers? No room for panic! If you have been receiving texts from attackers, such as the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims executives, you should consider reporting the matter to your network provider to obtain further directives. A good number of network providers offer potential customers free methods to block spammers from infuriating them. To report malicious texts, forward the unwanted text to 7726 and include a valid number of the sender. Major networks have been on the forefront to protect customers from being harassed by spammers and hackers. Policies and standards govern how network providers and companies operate. As a mobile user, you can decide to report or file a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office. Companies that have broken conditions of the contract end up paying a fine amounting to more than £500,000. Recently, a credit company that operates in Bradford ended up spending a fine amounting to £80,000 after sending millions of annoying texts during the last six months.

How to block annoying phone calls?

Telephone Preference Service (TPS) has been of much help to mobile users receiving annoying marketing calls from spammers. To stop the calls from sales and marketing strategists, register your mobile user number with the Telephone Preference Service. Companies are no longer authorized to call you once you register with TPS organization. To register with this service, send "TPS" accompanied by your email address to 85095. Within few minutes, you will receive a text confirmation from Telephone Preference Service confirming you have been added to the database. Some phone companies also offer services to help block nuisance calls. However, the charges may differ depending on the installation of the call-blocking product.

How to block spam emails?

Receiving unwanted emails from spammers every day can be infuriating. The rise of spammers on the internet has been increasing as time goes by. Spammers use junk emails to access end-user data. As a mobile phone user, avoid clicking and opening emails originating from an untrusted domain. Spammer gets a notification once you open a link sent to your email account. Use the 'unsubscribe' button to block unwanted emails from going through to your inbox. If you have been getting regular emails from specific email addresses, blocking the email addresses is the best shot for you to take. Preventing the address ensures future emails originating from the blocked email addresses get to the spam folder.

Keeping your anti-virus program updated is of uttermost importance when it comes to your mobile phone security. Don't let nuisance calls, bogus texts, and unwanted emails ruin your evening. Use the above-highlighted tricks and tips to be on the safer side.